To accomplish the desired effect, each window of the tower’s 7 top floors was equipped with a single, controllable LED lamp, as well as a specially produced and recyclable shutter, that reflects the light to the outside, while giving shade to the inside. The shutters were designed to be easily
removable at daytime, since the offices were in use while the performance took place.

A major requirement for the technical installation was the tenants’ demand that no cables can be running on corridors or block doors from closing. For that reason, the buidlings’ optical fiber network was used to distribute the data-signal on each floor and via Cat6 Ethernet to each single office. Due to the utilization of the existing infrastructure, kilometers of cable could be saved and interference with the office routine was reduced to a minimum.


396 x LED lamp 70W
396 x recyclable shutters
1 x e:cue LAS Media-Server
7 x e:cue Butler S2
7 x Cosco Switch 48-Port
22 x DMX signal booster
misc. cables and adapters