Established in 2008 by Florian Licht, lichtundsoehne is a Berlin based design practice, specialized in dynamic architectural lighting design and visual design. Lichtundsoehne is interested in the field of staging and communicative dynamisation of architecture through light and image.

In cooperation with architects, lighting planners, engineers and manufacturers, lichtundsoehne produces works at the intersection of architecture, artistic installation and sculpture, video and animation. Constant research and development on lighting solutions and ideas, from efficient use of daylight up to media installations, sets the standards for a holistic and substantial, creative and technical work.

Besides the aim to achieve innovative and qualitative designs and artworks, lichtundsoehne has highest demands on sustainability, energy-efficiency and profitability for each project. Among others, these ambitions can be realized through methods of digital simulation, as well by defintion and development of control solutions.

The design strategy lichtundsoehne focuses on, is an integrated approach which results into an added value to the recipient. The resulting design is materialized conceptualization, that is able to dialogue with contemporary life and society. This is possible due to a process set-up, that hosts and facilitates a platform for the integration of client´s ideas, consultants and project partners from the first instance and throughout every project stage.

What We Do

Dynamic Artificial Lighting · Light Strategy & Branding · Artist Collaboration · Animation & Film
Production · Visualisation · Light & Media Control · Digital Content Design & Production · Scenography ·
Light Art · Research · Design strategy · Content Curation · Media Installation · Projection Mapping