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Proposal for Content & Controlling Redevelopment
YAS Hotel - Abu Dhabi
a visual explanation of content and controlling improvements.

Content improvements

seamless visuals

The improved facade animations are seamlessly looped in all directions, to achieve continous and coherent visuals, without any offset and interruptions. Further, they are looped over time, to ensure that single visuals can be played as long as desired, without any interrupting start and ending.

geometry enhancement

By the content‘s graphical use of the vertical, horizontal and diagonally segmented grid shell, the facade‘s geometry will be emphasized and the impression of its specific shape increased. These adopted visuals underline the sculpural character of the building and create a strikingly, vivid appearance of the YAS Hotel during the night.

dynamic motion effects

By the use of the facade‘s three-dimensional shape for content creation, highly dynamic motion effects can be achieved. These effects can either work on their own, e.g. to track the movement of passing race-cars, or be combined with less dynamic contents, such as texts and logos, to support the creation of energetic and vivid visuals.

pixelwise controlling

Each pixel can be separately controlled, without influencing its neighbours in brightness or color. Therefore the layout of the videoanimation, controlling the light, is adjusted to the properties of the facade-tiles arrangement, to assure that each panel is accurately defined. This method enables a huge variety and precision in content designs.

text display

Due to a specially designed font, created for the diagonal grid, words and texts can be displayed with more accuracy and sharp characters on the facade. According to the grid shells shape, the text adopt its size and is mainly shown in heights of the facade, where it is visible and readable for the viewer.

RGBW controlling

All animations and contents come with an extra and separatly generated white channel, to use the installations RGBW-LEDs most efficiently. This feature allows to extend the common range of RGB-colors not just to a very high quality of pure white, but also to a wide range of low saturated colors. Further, it increases the installations brightness and decreases its power consumption.

Content example 1
diagonal lines

Content example 2
grid structure

Content example 3
interweaved mesh

Content example 4
pixelated swoosh

Content example 5
liquid color - interactive example