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Wheels, Car Collection, Laasdorf, Germany, 2017

Designed for the collection of a private automobile enthusiast, “Wheels” is a transformation of a former farmers market into a flexible exhibition space, presenting a fine selection of rare and unique classic cars.

The inspiration for the design of the exhibition originated from the theatrical stage and classic catwalk sceneries. Light and media installations within the lobby and the main staging area, are designed for presentation and communication purpose - to stage, illuminate and accompany the classics with graphical dynamic animations.

For the lobby a sculptural fabric, consisting of fiberglass profiles, modifies the understanding of space and creates zones for vehicles, seating areas and traffic areas. The physical effect is supported by controllable lights that are placed in the space between the profiles.

The main exhibition areas in both, the West and in the East Hall are arranged by standing and hanging partitions, so that a glimpse of all classics is impossible and the collection needs be discovered by the visitor step by step. The proportions of the dividing elements in the exhibition halls are recurring wall formats, subtly decorated with works of art, photographs and information graphics.
The main focus of the main hall is the large stage. Up to 5 cars can be presented in front of an impressive scenery from two rotating, vertical media screens, that are positioned behind a turntable. Whether graphical interactive animations or mere lighting through color gradients are displayed, the format and size always provide an effective background.


design: lichtundsoehne
structural engineering: panta ingenieure
automation engineering: HIB Gesellschaft für Industrieautomation
lighting and media design/planning: lichtundsoehne

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exhibition design, artisitic light installation, media planning


client: ChromeCars
location: Laasdorf ,Germany
programme: private exhibition space
timing: 2017
status: design