[ Artwork ]
refracted time, Weimar, Germany 2009
Main Building, Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany

„Refracted time“, was a site-specific light-installation for the 90th anniversary of Bauhaus Weimar.
The Installation took place at the historical main building of the Bauhaus University, which was build 1904-1911 from plans of Henry van de Velde. The aim was to create a reference to the turbulent history of the institution since its formation in 1919.

Multiple layered lights illuminated the foyer and staircase in a choreography made from 18, randomly controlled moving-heads, positioned in the opposite extension buildings. As a result, the installation resembled the effect of direct sunlight entering the space through the staircase‘ windows, except from a simultaneous superimposition of several days.

The rippled glazing, with its streaky quality created vivid light effects, which spread like a patina all over the interior and strengthened the historical context of the event.


type: light installation
location: Weimar, Germany
material: 18 moving-heads, PC, light-control software
status: completed, temporary
photos by: Stefan Kraus