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Folkart Vega, Izmir, Turkey, 2018

The lighting design for Folkart Vega, highlight the main recurring structures, following the main vertical orientation of the towers and the horizontal podium line, to draw a connection from daytime to nighttime appearance of the building and make it memorable to its observer.

In soft gradients, with single LED-sparkles implemented, shape defining lines stretches across the full buildings height, emphasizing the towers edges and wooden cladding, while the top´s crown illumination is seamlessly integrated, so that the architectural illumination appears as one single component. The balconies distinctive form and arrangement in a curved vertical line are accentuated, by partially lluminating each balcony‘s bottom from the balcony parapet underneath.

Due to the function as a high standard residential complex, it is a matter of course that illumination of apartments and creation of any inconvience to the residents by glare or spill light from the exterior lighting is avoided. The system is designed to be controlled with gradually changing dynamics of motion and color over the course of the night.


architects: TAGO architects
lighting design/planning: lichtundsoehne
lighting engineering: vetasled
photos/visualisation: lichtundsoehne

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client: Folkart
location: Izmir, Turkey
building surface: 140.000m²
programme: Residential and shopping
timing: 2018
status: design