[ Artwork ]
Fla Flav, Neues Museum Weimar, Germany, 2009

„Fla flav“ is dedicated to Dan Flavin and refers to his famous light sculptures.
The installation claims to own the power of changing the unalterable speed of light and as a consequence the course of time. / Patience is advised.

The projection installation consists of a fluorescent lamp out of function that is leaning in the corner of a white space. A fixed video projector constantly throws the imaginable light effect and illumination on the lamp and its environment, just as if it was turned on. From time to time, the steady lighting is randomly interrupted by short, flickering impulses, obtaining their appearance from feedback patterns of analog video-effects. During those moments, the light seems to slow down in speed, by emitting in a spinning manner, while even the surrounding space is illuminated with a certain delay. Additionally, adapted sound effects enhance the visual effects.


sound design: Douglas Greed


Prof. Herbert Wentscher
Christina Zimmermann


type: light installation
material: fluorescent lamp, video projector, mac, video-control software
location: Neues Museum Weimar, Germany