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with UNStudio, USA 2014

Storytelling forms an essential part of human nature, as it works beyond cultural boundaries and overcomes age-related differences. The way in which stories are told makes them tangible and capturing the essence of this tangible experience is what UNStudio aimed to achieve with the design for the CMFC. Together with the team of architects from Amsterdam, we had the chance to develop and implement an effective light and media concept to the design of the museum and its exhibition, from an early project stage on.

Since Storytelling is the most native way of sharing information, knowledge and feelings, it became clear to us, that the exhibitions media- and dynamic light features need to spread this sense of authenticity and naturalness. The staging light concept is about the careful implementation of natural daylight into the buildings space and its transformation from pure to artificial information. By the use of perforated openings in the roof and facade, combined with light diffusing materials, daylight illuminates the atrium, as well as the trailer spaces with a gentle and harmonic softness. Unnoticed, its natural effect is transferred with the help of artificial illumination to form media displays and dynamic light surfaces, that give guidance, display information and entertainment to the visitor.

Fully integrated elements function as connectors between the exhibition themes, the public spaces, as well as interior and exterior. To create a vivid experience of space and a defined differentiation of spatial functions, the light appearance varies in its qualities and is able to adjust to the context and spatial use. Communicative media screens gently emerge and bend around the museum space, create immersive surfaces that give orientation and deal as flexible applications to each exhibition level.


Architecture: UNStudio - Amsterdam
Ben van Berkel, Christian Veddeler with Ren Yee,
Harlen Miller and Jan Hafner, Andres Lopez, Patrik Noome
Exhibition Design: HG Merz
Structural Engineering: Werner Sobek
Lighting & Media Design: lichtundsoehne
Visualization: Kilograph

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Location: Chicago, USA
Building surface: 34.880m²
Programme: museum
Timing: 2014
Status: Design