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BBass, Ghent, Belgium, 2011

BBASS is a minimalistic appearing projection installation, created as a contribution to the Ghent Light Festival.

In collaboration with the Brussels based architecture studio SAQ, the auditorium of the University of Ghent, with its adorned, domed ceiling and an artificially drawn-in hemisphere on the floor, was transformed to an oversized dual speaker for a period of three days. By synchronizing the aligned video projection with sub-frequency, synthetic bass tones, an extremely contrasting experience of space was created compared to the original condition of the room.

In its presented impulses the installation behaves like a living organism. Through the randomized succession of short visible and audible sequences, appearing in varying intervals, the viewer falls into the dependence of waiting and expectancy. A continuously prevalent pulsating background sound and a low basic brightness in the room, which only allows to slightly recognize the ornamental decorations of the huge auditorium, produced an almost devoutly, cathedral-like atmosphere.



concept, design, animation: Florian Licht
planning, organization, construction: SAQ (Roel Dehoorne)
sounddesign: Douglas Greed
media-control: MXWendler
equipment: XLVideo
Barrisol Dome: Estrikor

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type: projection installation
location: Gent, Belgium
event: „Lichtfestival Gent “
material: 8 DLP-projectors á 10.000 ANSI-Lumen, 2x 1500W Subwoofer, 2x MXW 6-Head Media-Server, Barrisol
projection surface: ~2000 m2
status: completed, temporary