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Allianz Global Digital Factory – with UN Studio, Munich, Germany, 2016

The interior design for the Allianz Global Digital Factory navigates between focused versus collaborative atmospheres, natural and artificial light conditions, analogue and digital work methodologies and flexible versus fixed workspaces.

Designed by UNStudio in collaboration with conceptsued°, three themed areas of activity are defined in relation to the type of work zones and the double height central areas: the market, the arena, the park.

Withing the multi-functional heart of the factory, lichtundsoehne designed a spatial presentation screen that is combined and implemented within the “Arena stage stair”, serving both as circulation and presentation space, linking both levels of the Digital Factory and enabling views to all related spaces. The screen consists of a extra large presentation monitor, RGBW-LED platines and specially coated acrylic plate, that is embedded into a spiral-shaped stand. It can be used for presentations and video conferences or to display interactive ambient visuals in a chandelier mode


design architects: UNStudio, Amsterdam
executive architects: Conceptsued, Munich
lighting & media design: lichtundsoehne
Graphic Design: De Vormforensen
photos/visualisation: Eva Jünger, lichtundsoehne

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German Design Award 2018, Category: Architecture


artistic media installation and media design/planning


client: Allianz
location: Munich, Germany
building surface: 2700m²
programme: Collaborative work space
timing: 2016
status: completed