[ Artwork ]
2.30AT3.05, studio at Bauhaus-University Weimar, Germany, 2008

2.30at3.05 was a processual studio-work that investigated the performative possibilities of three-dimensional structures.

Based on the translucency of a freely knitted net-sculpture, made from several hundred meters of fishing line and black tulle, three video projectors threw their light in crosswise direction through the mesh-layers. The filtered light created a combined shadow, which appeared as a three-dimensional image on the wall behind. Before it was set to sound, all performed visuals where created by tracking the lines and surfaces emerging from sculpture‘s shape.


type: projection installation, sculpture
material: tulle, fishing line, 3 projectors, mac, video-control software
location: studio - Bauhaus-University Weimar, Germany


sound design: Douglas Greed